Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ja Wallet Operate?

Ja-Wallet's mobile application enables you to promptly receive funds sent from any location globally through our digital remittance associates and withdraw it in USD at numerous spots throughout the Lebanese region using our geo-location map—all with the convenience of your smartphone. The Ja- Wallet app can be downloaded from both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Who can create an account at Ja-Wallet?

Any individual residing in Lebanon with a valid Lebanese address and phone number and is 18 years of age or older can register for Ja-Wallet.

In what currencies is Ja wallet available?

Ja-Wallet is currently available in both LBP and Fresh USD.

How to cash-in my account?

Users can cash-in their account via any whish or OMT terminal

How can you receive funds from overseas as a Ja-Wallet user in Lebanon?

the sender, can send funds to a Ja-Wallet user in Lebanon through our digital remittance associate, Ria Money Transfer.Just Download Ria Money transfer app on your IOS or Android device and establish your account. Simply link your card to our partner's app, input the recipient's information, specify the amount you want to send, and select Ja-Wallet as the recipient option.The recipient will directly receive the funds in their Ja-Wallet app and can withdraw without any charges.

How can I top-up my account?

You can cash-in your account through any whish or OMT outlet or receive funds from other Ja-Wallet user